Ministry of Education to take stock of all ICT equipment at schools.

The Ministry of Education has directed all public schools to take stock of all Information Communication Technology, ICT, Equipment available at the institutions. Through a circular dated 4th February, 2019, the Ministry’s Director General, Elyas Abdi, instructs schools to provide a list of all ICT equipments received from both the Ministry through the Economic Stimulus Program (ESP) and other donors.

“The Ministry through Economic Stimulus Program (ESP), Computers for School Kenya and other Donors have been providing ICT equipment to public secondary schools since 2006. The purpose was to equip schools with ICT infrastructure to ease integration of ICT in education. Therefore, there is need to take stock and harmonize ICT equipment our schools from various donors.

Schools have been receiving a number of ICT equipments; desktop computers, Laptops, MODEMS, Routers, projectors and networking equipment to promote ICT integration in schools.

Schools, now, will be expected to take a physical count of all the equipments and send the information to the Ministry. Part of the information to be provided includes: the number of desk top computers, Laptop computers, smart boards, printers and the source of the ICT equipment.

“The purpose of this circular is to ask you to furnish this office with lists of all schools that have benefited with ICT equipment since 2006 through this email address;,” adds Abdi.



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