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Longhorn publishers PLC is the leading provider of innovative learning solutions in Eastern Africa with a presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, malawi, rwanda and Zamia. Below are important pieces of information and links:

  • The Longhorn eLearning Platform: If you are worried about what your child is reading on the phone, download the Longhorn eLearning Platform and challenge them to test their memory on https://t.co/nW7CTQu2Vg
  • The Longhorn Kiswahili Mufti Series: To make learning Swahili fun for the kids, the Longhorn Kiswahili Mufti Series has lots of illustrations to help them grasp concepts they can relate with in their daily lives. Access eLearning content from https://t.co/GLXrL3YxYf

  • Kiswahili Mufti Gredi 2 educates children on emerging issues such as family values, children’s rights, development, gender and technology to mold all rounded individuals. Access personalized eLearning content from https://t.co/GLXrL4g9mP
  • Longhorn eLearning platform : Revision season is now at fever pitch! Simplify your child’s revision experience with easy quizzes off the Longhorn eLearning platform available on https://t.co/nW7CTQu2Vg
  • The KICD Approved Tumbo Lisiloshiba and Nakuruto: Good news! You can now read the KICD Approved Tumbo Lisiloshiba and Nakuruto off the Longhorn eReader App Access our eBooks from https://t.co/lyrkLubaN5 and personalized eLearning content from https://t.co/GLXrL3YxYf

 For any queries or in need of assistance, call Longhorn’s customer care team on;

  • 0713 793 734 or
  • 0736 308 525.

Get more information on the Longhorn website: https://www.longhornpublishers.com/ke

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KCPE Revision Materials

Exams & Revision Materials, Term 3 2018




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