List of public primary schools selected to host junior secondary (Kisii County)


County Sub-County Name of School
Kisii. Etago Bomware
Kisii Etago Bosaga
Kisii Etago Ebinyinyi J.
Kisii. Etago Kebabe
Kisii Etago Kenunchi
Kisii Etago Metaburo
”Kisii Etago Nyabera
Kisii Etago Nyakeyo
Kisii. Etago Nyamagena Mabariri
Kisii- Etago Nyangweta Sda
Kisii Gucha Bombaba
Kisii Gucha Itare
Kisii- Gucha Mangere
Kisii Gucha Nyamonyo
Kisii Gucha Nyamoronga
Kisii Gucha Rianyakwara
Kisii Gucha Tunta
Kisii Gucha South Bomonyama
Kisii Gucha South Esaka
Kisii Gucha South Gotichaki
Kisii Gucha South Kenyoro
Kisii Gucha South Kiomabundu
Kisii Gucha South Manr,vanda A.
Kisii Gucha South Mosache
Kisii Gucha South Nduru
Kisii Gucha South Nyachenge
Kisii Gucha South Nyagichenche
Kisii Gucha South Nyakembene
Kisii Gucha South Nyandiwa
Kisii Gucha South Omogwa
Kisii ‘ Gucha South Sae
Kisii Gucha South Tabaka Boys
Kisii Gucha South Tabaka Girls
Kisii Kenyenya Eberege
Kisii Kenyenya Ekerubo
Kisii Kenyenya Emesa
Kisii Kenyenya Ichuni
Kisii Kenyenya Kenyenya
Kisii Kenvenva 1Clatinveq;
Kisii Kenyenya Meteor be
Kisii Kenyenya Mokomoni
Kisii Kenyenya Nyabioto
Kisii Kenyenya Nyamecheo Boarding
Kisii Kenyenya Omobera
Kisii Kenyenya Riokindo
Kisii Kenyenya Ritembu
Kisii Kenyenya Riyabu
Kisii Kisii Central Amasago Dok
Kisii Kisii Central Boruma Dok
Kisii Kisii Central Chirenge
Kisii Kisii Central Gianchere Fam
Kisii Kisii Central Ibeno Mission
Kisii Kisii Central Kari Deb Primary
Kisii Kisii Central Kerera Dok
Kisii Kisii Central Kisii Campus Primary
Kisii Kisii Central Kisii Primary
.Kisii Kisii Central Maqnnun
Kisii Kisii Central Nyamagwa Sda
Kisii Kisii Central Nyanderema
Kisii Kisii Central Nyataro Cog
Kisii Kisii Central Riabamanyi Sda
Kisii Kisii South Elek Itierio Girls Boarding
Kisii Kisii South Igonga Dok
Kisii Kisii South Nyamiobo
Kisii Kisii South Suneka Dok
Kisii Kitutu Central Bogeka Pag
Kisii Kitutu Central Gesarara
Kisii Kitutu Central Getembe Pag
Kisii Kitutu Central Iranda Dok
Kisii Kitutu Central Jogoo Sa
Kisii Kitutu Central Kanyimbo
Kisii Kitutu Central Klanyabinge Dok
Kisii Kitutu Central Matieko Dok
Kisii Kitutu Central Mwechobori
Kisii Kitutu Central Nyakeogiro
Kisii Kitutu Central Nyambera Dok
Kisii Kitutu Central Nyaore Dok
Kisii Kitutu Central Ongicha Dok
Kisii Kitutu Central Raganga Dok
Kisii Kitutu Central Rwora Dok
Kisii Kitutu Central St. Marys Mosocho
Kisii Kitutu Central St.Josephs Nyabururu
Kisii Kitutu Central St.Patricks Mosocho
Kisii Kitutu Central St.Peters Soko
Kisii Marani Entanda Girls
Kisii Marani Eramba Pag
Kisii Marani Gesabakwa
Kisii Marani Itibo Boarding
Kisii Marani Kiareni
Kisii Marani Kionganyo
Kisii Marani Marani
Kisii Marani Metembe
Kisii Marani Mosocho
Kisii Marani Nyagesenda
Kisii Marani Nyagoto
Kisii Marani Nyagoto
Kisii Marani Nyakenogo
Kisii Marani Nyakoora
Kisii Marani Nyandiba
Kisii Marani Nyankanda
Kisii Marani Rikenye
Kisii Marani Riragi
Kisii Marani Tambacha
Kisii Masaba South Amasege
Kisii Masaba South Bonyakoni
Kisii Masaba South Geteri
Kisii Masaba South Metembe
Kisii Masaba South Mochengo Sda
Kisii Masaba South Mogweko
Kisii Masaba South Moi Kisii Primary
Kisii Masaba South Moremani Pag
Kisii Masaba South Mosisa
Kisii Masaba South Nyamagesa Sda
Kisii Masaba South Nyanturago
Kisii Masaba South Ramasha
Kisii Masaba South Riabigutu
Kisii Masaba South Riamakanda
Kisii Masaba South Sosera
Kisii Masaba South St.Stephens Ichuni
Kisii Nyamache Bendere
Kisii Nyamache Bogesaka
Kisii Nvamache Emenwa
Kisii Nyamache Giasaiga
Kisii Nyamache Gionseri
Kisii Nyamache Majimazuri
Kisii Nyamache Nyabisia
Kisii Nyamache Nyabite
Kisii Nyamache Nyachogochogo
Kisii Nyamache Nyamache
KISII Nyam4 he Nyamatera
Kisii Nyamache Nyangoso Boarding
Kisii Nyamache Orogare
Kisii Nyamache Riamanono
Kisii Sameta Nyagesa Pag
Kisii Sameta Nyaguku Dok
Kisii Sameta Nyakegogi Dok
Kisii Sameta Nyansakia Dok
Kisii Sameta Rusinga Deb
Kisii Sameta St. Marys Nyamagwa Girls