How to Refer to a Song in an Essay

A song in an essay.
A song in an essay.

The essay writing process is guided by strict rules and requirements. In order to create high-quality and authentic content, you need to make sure it is plagiarism-free. One of the necessary points is to include citing and references in your work. Whether you need to refer to a book or song, you need to insert a title or lyrics according to set rules.

If you are not in the mood of fidgeting over such details, reach the college paper writing serviceto get a professional writer to help you. But since these details may cost you a big share of your grade, it is worthy to understand the principles of citing different workpieces on your own. Learn how to cite and refer to a song and create a good essay by yourself with no hurdles.

What Properties to Include

If it happens that you need to back up your ideas with the song title or lyrics, you need to know how to cite them properly. Otherwise, there may be serious issues with copyright. Additionally, you need to discover what amount of lyrics you can include and how to give credits to the author properly, so that you don’t offend the author’s rights. Anyway, aim to mention as many properties of the song as you can find. Include the following ones:

  • Artist’s, band’s, group’s name
  • Song title
  • Album title
  • Label
  • Year of release
  • Medium (CD, cassette, MP3, etc.).

If the song was used from an online source, add the website URL and the date of the last access.

Citing Songs in Different Styles

When including the song title and the lyrics in your essay, the citation or reference should be formatted according to the required style. Whether you write an essay according to Chicago, MLA, APA, Harvard, or any other style, check out the formatting norms of the song title and lyrics citing carefully.

Whether you quoting the lyrics or mentioning the song in MLA style essay, mention the author’s name in parentheses afterward. Meanwhile, in APA or Harvard-formatted essays, you will need to add the release date and track number in the album.

Besides, you usually need to write the name of the song in quotation marks, while the name of the album or Cd is to be written in italics. Still, find time to check out your required format details before you refer to a song title and lyrics.

Don’t forget about quotation marks when citing songs. However, if you need to cite several lines, introduce them in a blockquote and begin from the new paragraph.

Useful Tips

Citing songs and lyrics in your essay paper may be a tricky choice. You’d better avoid it. If you have no option, but to cite a song title or its lyrics, then mind the following tips:

  • Use songs citing to include specific facts. Many songs consist of cliches and general phrases, so they will be poor evidence for your ideas. In case you decide to cite a song in your essay, get ensured it is worth it.
  • Don’t overdo with song citing. Don’t include a big song piece in your essay. Pick out a line that carries the main sense to support your ideas in the best way.
  • Care about your readers. If the song is well-known, different people can associate it with different things. Or if the lyrics are poetic and metaphoric, your readers can get you wrong. Maybe it would be better to just mention a song titleand explain the main idea in your own words. This way your essay won’t be misinterpreted.

Song titles and lyrics citing need a special approach not only in terms of formatting but regarding their appropriate use in your essay. Remember to include the necessary song properties both in in-text citation and references.

Adjust your citation to the required style. Mind that sometimes formatting will depend on the number of lyrics you are to insert in your text. Make appropriate efforts to give respect to the author’s copyrights. And care for your song citing to enhance and illustrate your ideas properly. But not bring the opposite outcomes.

Do your best, follow the citing rules, and create high-quality content to reach academic success.


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