Best Mortgages Companies in Kenya.

    A mortgage is a debt instrument, secured by the collateral of specified real estate property, that the borrower is obliged to pay back with a predetermined set of payments. Well if You are tired of renting you can check out some of the best mortgage providers to purchase or start building your home . I have listed them below but to know more about the mortgages Requirements , Benefits, Costs , I have provided a link to each that you can click on to check all you need to know about the mortgage plans.

    1.KCB (Kenya Commercial Bank)


    • Flexible repayment terms when assessing ability to repay (joint, rental and alternative incomes will be considered). Joint income from spouse, siblings & children will be considered in assessing repayment ability
    • Flexible terms for construction loans
    • Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) cover limit up to Kes.18M without need for medical checkup, retrenchment cover and social perils cover included
    • Competitive Interest rates
    • Access to all other KCB banking products (e.g. Overdrafts, credit cards, current, savings and investment accounts)

    Standard Requirements

    • Proof of income
    • Proof that you can meet the 10% financing and other related costs e.g. Stamp duty, lawyers fee, valuation report etc.

    Rates & Fees

    • Competitive interest rate.
    • Negotiation Fee -2.5% of loan amount
    • Leger Fee- Kshs 350 per month.
    • Legal Fees
    • Valuation fees

    Click on KCB to check out more and calculate using the mortgage calculator to see whats suits you best

    2.HF (Housing Finance) Group

    Requirements for Employed Persons

    • ID/Passport copies
    • KRA PIN Copy
    • 3 months payslips
    • 6 months salary bank account statements
    • Letter from employer

    Requirements For Self-Employed Customers

    • ID/Passport copies
    • KRA PIN Certificate
    • 3 years audited books of account
    • 1 year bank statements
    • Certified copy of partnership deeds (for partnerships) and Rental schedules (for landlords)


    • Up to 90% financing of the selling price or value
    • Maximum loan term of up to 20 years for employed individuals and 10 years for SMEs and groups
    • Product is for outright purchase of a home

    Fees & Rates

    • Commitment Fee of 1.5%
    • Valuation fee of approximately 0.5%
    • Legal Fees of approximately 1-2%
    • Stamp duty of 4%


    Our Home Loan provides you with an affordable way to buy a home with;

    • Up to 105% financing
    • Loan repayment duration of up to 20 years for occupied homes there is tax relief for customers
    • Mortgage protection cover in case of death or disability
    • Includes insurance cover for fire

    Click on HF Group to check out more and calculate using the mortgage calculator to see whats suits you best

    3. Standard Chartered Bank

    Mortgage Products:

    • Equity release : This means you can borrow higher loan amounts using your existing property as collateral
    • Top up : Access a loan based on the amount you have settled after 24 months
    • Balance transfer: Allows you to consolidate your mortgage facilities with us and enjoy the comfort of having one view account.
    • Construction Mortgage: If you already own a piece of land we will finance you to build your dream home.

    Benefits of a Standard Chartered Mortgage

    Their home solution gives you access to competitive rates on your Home Loan. Along with your Home Loan, you also receive a current account and a pre-approved credit card. Additional Benefits are :

    • Choice of currency
    • High loan amounts ( up to KES 100 million. )
    • Longer loan periods
    • Available to business owners
    • Non-resident Kenyans
    • Expatriates
    • Faster processing
    • Holiday Home

    Fees and Charges

    • Facility arrangement fee: 1% of loan amount (Minimum KES 10,000)
    • Legal costs and stamp duty – varies depending on property value and location
    • Fire (property) insurance – comprehensive insurance with the Bank’s interest duly noted
    • Mortgage protection insurance for the borrower – to safeguard the borrower during the mortgage term
    • Valuation fees – upon approval of application, the property should be valued

    Click on Standard Chartered

    4. CBA


    • Borrow in KES, USD, EURO, GBP
    • Your income/salary currency should match the respective borrowing currency
    • Financing up to 80% of Property value or Selling Price whichever is lower for KShs. mortgages
    • Financing up to 80% of Property value or Selling Price whichever is lower for foreign currency mortgages
    • Financing available for residential units both complete and off plan. An occupation permit for the property will be requisite to disbursement of funds.
    • Competitive interest rates on reducing balance
    • Loan tenure of up to 15 years for KShs. Mortgages and 10 years for Foreign currency mortgages, subject to retirement age
    • Arranged legal and valuation services (fees applicable)

    *Foreign currency mortgages are subject to foreign currency exchange movements

    Associated costs

    • Your Deposit/Equity contribution
    • Arrangement fees of loan amount advanced – 1% for KShs. Mortgages and 1.5% for Foreign currency Mortgages
    • Stamp Duty and Stamp duty on charge fees – Statutory fees paid via Lawyers
    • Legal fees – for conveyance and registration services
    • Valuation fees – for Valuation services

    Click on :CBA

    6.NIC Bank

    Options :

    • Equity Release – Financing against your already existing house
    • Purchase Financing – Loan that funds to buy a readymade house
    • Top-Up – Increase in value of your existing mortgage due to reduction of loan amount or appreciation of property value
    • Balance Transfer/Refinance -Transfer of an existing mortgage from one financier to another
    • Construction Finance – Loan that funds the building of a residential  home or residence
    • Plot Purchase – Financing to buy vacant land

    Features and Benefits:

    • Up to 90% financing for Kenyan residents and 70% financing for Kenyans in the diaspora
    • Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) cover that takes care of retrenchment, death and disability and social perils cover included
    • Competitive Interest rates
    • Flexible repayment periods of up to 20 years
    • No penalty for early repayment
    • Available to both Kenyan citizens and non-Kenyan permanent residents
    • We arrange for valuation and legal processes by bank-appointed service providers
    • Joint applications allowed
    • Minimum amount of KES 1 million. Maximum amount is based on your ability to repay.
    • Interest is charged on a reducing balance basis

    Cost associated with Mortgage :

    • Arrangement fee
    • Legal Fee
    • Valuation fee
    • Stamp duty on Transfer
    • Stamp duty on Charge
    • Insurance

    Click on : NiC

    7. Barclays Bank

    They have Five Mortgage options  to choose from

    Options :

    • Buying a Home.
    • Building a Home.
    • Equity Release Loan.
    • Buying To Let
    • Re-Mortgage.
    What you get
    • Intended for anyone who wants to own a home
    • Repayment period of up to 25 years
    • Purchase the desired property anywhere in the country
    • Security charge over property
    • Maximum loan finance of 90%

    Click on :Barclays Bank

    8. Co-operative Bank

    Options :

    • Buying a Residential or Commercial Property.
    • Buy a Plot of Land
    • Joint Mortgage
    • Mortgage Top Up
    • Mortgage Takeover from Other Financial Institutions
    • Equity Release

    To check out the rates and the documents required click on Co-operative Bank


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