Best and cheapest cancer hospitals in Kenya

Cancer is estimated to slash 50 lives daily plus 82,000 annual diagnoses. Despite how critical this situation  sounds, only the rich and those insured seem to be able to afford treatment and care. A large outcry has been raised by every group of people as cancer has threateningly crossed geographical, ethnical, racial and biological borders. Kenya has improved its strategies and interventions in handling and offering care and treatment center for all patients. The National Cancer Control Strategy within the ministry of health has seen the ministry empower county and sub county hospitals to provide surgery, chemotherapy and palliative care inclusive of outpatient and inpatient hospice care.Formerly, public centers capable of cancer treatment were the Kenyatta National Hospital and the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, a state that not only strained the facilities but also inconvenienced the patients with long waiting periods for appointments at exorbitant costs. The good news is that cancer treatment is available in private and  public facilities thus a wide choice range.On top of this is the National Health Insurance Fund,NHIF, cover that is accepted in most hospitals. The following is a list of hospitals that offer quality at shoestring fees:-
Aga Khan University Hospital
In 2011, Aga Khan hospital opened a heart and cancer treatment center that offers quality treatment not just locally but internationally and at a reduced cost. PET CT scan was recently launched at the hospital which is said to offer better performance at cheaper prices. The PET CT scan is useful in diagnosis, determining the extent of the cancer and also management especially after undergoing treatment. Offered as well is an average subsidy of 50% to those unable to afford full costs of care. Other services offered include; – detection and screening programmes, specialized diagnosis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, palliative and rehabilitation programs.
Coast province general hospital
It is a public health facility that offers cancer screening, chemotherapy and surgery on most types of cancer. NHIF cards and other insurances are usable.
Kenyatta National Hospital
Most of us are familiar with this hospital because of its huge mark on medical tourism as an internationally recognized health facility. Launching of digital machines in 2017 saw cost reduction and decongestion. Services offered include screening, diagnosis (imaging, laboratory workup), staging, treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy), management and palliative care.
Mater hospital
This hospital offers leukemia, breast, cervical and prostate cancer testing services. Treatments available include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, pathology, symptom management and surgery. Besides all that, each patient is assigned an oncology and clinical nurse specialist who communicates between the patient and the oncological team, supports the patient, plans tests and appointments and whose term ends upon end of treatment.
Other benefits include a day ward and in-patient ward services, payment can be online, in person, over the phone or via post depending on how comfortable one is.
Texas cancer center
Offers cancer treatment and screenings with a 24hour nursing care, cancer support group and nutritional support group at subsidized fee. It’s a homely environment for recovery at a cheaper price. Most health insurances are accepted.
Nairobi women hospital
Women are the largest percentage of the population affected by cancer and as such it is crucial that women find a place of hope and encouragement amidst other women. Services offered are gynecologic oncology testing and treatment. In case you feel your  pocket is shallow it offers free breast screenings and fee based cervical screeningson selected weekdays.


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