Simplified NEMIS Guide for 2019 form ones’ admissions by Sub County and private schools

The Ministry of Education's NEMIS portal Log in Screen.
The Ministry of Education's NEMIS portal Log in Screen.

Sub- county and Private schools selected their 2019 form ones manually. Consequently, these two categories of schools are expected to upload a soft copy of the selected students to the Ministry of Education’s National Education Management Information System, NEMIS, portal.

To upload details for selected students:

  1. Access the NEMIS portal at go.keke
  2. Enter the user name and password (provided to Principals) and log in.
  3. At the bottom left corner of the new page, locate and download the SELECTION EXCEL TEMPLATE.
  4. Find the downloaded excel template on your local storage; which is labeled as- ‘MY SELECTION.xls’ and open it.
  5. Now, feed in the index numbers for all the manually selected students, under the ‘INDEX’ column. NB: Since you may not be having the Unique Personal Identifiers (UPI) for the learners, leave this column blank.
  6. Once done, save the excel document in an accessible location of your device using such identifiers as Name of School, KNEC Code….
  7. Then, visit the NEMIS portal so as to upload the saved excel document.
  8. To upload the document, click on ‘UPLOAD SELECTION FILE’ at the top of the page. Search the Excel document by clicking on the search icon and select it.
  9. Enter the name to the completed Excel document as saved on your device, under the ‘description’ box and click on ‘UPLOAD’. This is the final stage of the upload process.
  10. The ministry officers will then convert the excel document into the ‘Form 1 Admission List’ to be used during admissions.


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