Sportpesa betting tips
Sportpesa betting tips

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Football is the most popular sport among fans of sports, which is not surprising. This season, an intense fight for the champion title in the German championship awaits us.

Bundesliga bet tips on Sportpesa
Bundesliga bet tips on Sportpesa

Key contenders for the title are Bayern from Munich and Borussia from Dortmund. Last season, the teams were separated only by a few points in the standings, and the fate of the Meisterschale was decided only in the last round.

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Both teams started the new season quite well. Despite the local failures at the start, it is clear that they are ready to fight in the long run. So, the advantages of Bayern include:

  1. Great experience of performances. Last season, the Munich team was also able to clear up the separation by 7 points from Dortmund.
  2. Cool selection of football players in each of the lines. Thanks to this, Niko Kovač always has someone to choose from.
  3. A high level of individual skill and the leaders of the team.

All of this together should help the team to perform successfully this time as well.

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If we talk about the chances of Borussia Dortmund for the championship in Germany, they are not bad as well. The young team was able to strengthen during the summer quite well, and actually it didn’t lose any of its leaders. Thanks to this, the Bumblebees have become more experienced and have a better teamwork. Motivation is also on their side, because Bayern have been winning the Bundesliga for several years in a row. At the same time, it is clear that the team of Niko Kovač pushes itself not too much and not during each match.

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