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JKUAT responds to news on the 118 Doctorate Degrees Awarded recently

Photo- JKUAT main campus in Juja. The university got the highest admissions of new students in 2019.

On Friday June 21, 2019. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Mathu Ndungui conferred degrees and awarded diplomas to 3545 graduands during the institution’s 33rd graduation ceremony, where 118 were awarded doctorate degrees.

In the backdrop of such enviable achievements, the University’s attention has been drawn to news items, commentaries and opinions in social media questioning the integrity of the degrees offered by JKUAT. In view of the unfortunate misinformation of the public, the University wishes to state as follows:

1). JKUAT observes stringent quality measures in mounting its academic and research programmes at all levels, including those set by the Commission for University Education and various professional bodies.
2). All degrees of the University are meritoriously earned and no student is allowed to graduate without going through the due process regarding coursework, seminars, original research, external examination and publications. Indeed, all the 118 candidates awarded PhDs, earned their degrees having taken an average of 5 years, some having enrolled in the year

3). JKUAT has a highly qualified and dynamic faculty comprising 923 academics. The College of Human Resource Development, for instance, is served by 85 doctorate degree holders.
This, in addition to veritable teaching and research infrastructure, has enabled the institution to be the most preferred in the country by students seeking higher education.
JKUAT attracted the highest number of students on government scholarships for the second year running, having admitted 4, 886 in 2018 and 5,901 students in 2019.

4). The University has over the years created an environment of creativity and innovation giving our staff and students a pedestal to engage in award-winning research and innovation.

5). Due to its teaching and research outputs. JKUAT in 2012 won a competitive bid to host the African Union fronted Pan African University Institute for Basic Sciences Technology and Innovation.

The University has also been in the forefront in providing sustainable solutions in key areas such as food security, manufacturing, construction and ICT.

JKUAT also leads other Kenyan universities in the number of intellectual property rights under its fold.
JKUAT therefore takes great exception to the recent misleading and disparaging comments that could risk the careers and future of many young Kenyans who have received their education in the University. Quality higher education is at the core of Kenya’s development prospects. As such, trivializing the process by unfairly targeting JKUAT or any other institution for that matter is retrogressive and could potentially roll back gains already consolidated in the sector.

JKUAT is proud of its graduates and wishes to assure the general public that it remains committed to the ideals and values underpinning quality, relevance, and professionalism. Our recent certifications on ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems) are only the latest testaments to this commitment.

2019 Secondary schools Regional term 2 games winners

KSSSA Games 2019

Here are the champions from the various secondary schools term 2 games, 2019:


Final Day: Saturday 22/6/2019

List of Champions- 2019
🏆Soccer Girls U16- Itaara girls
🏆Soccer Boys U16- machakos
🏆Volleyball Girls- kwanthanze
🏆Volleyball Boys- mutewa high
🏆Netball- syumile
🏆Soccer Boys U19- Mbooni boys
🏆Soccer Girls U19- Karugwa

🏆Soccer 19Boys-St. Peters Mumias
🏆Soccer under 16 Boys-
🏆Soccer 19 Girls
Arch Bishop Njenga
🏆Soccer Under 16 Girls-
Maeni Girls.
🏆Volleyball Boys-
🏆volleyball Girls-Bishop Sulumeti
🏆Netball Bukokholo


List of Champions- 2019
🏆Soccer Girls U16- Ugari
🏆Soccer Boys U16- Agoro Sare
🏆Volleyball Girls- Sega
🏆Volleyball Boys- Mogonga
🏆Netball- Nyakach Girls
🏆Soccer Boys U19- Barding
🏆Soccer Girls U19- Nyakach Girls.


List of Champions- 2019
🏆Soccer Girls U16- Waa girls
🏆Soccer Boys U16- Serani
🏆Volleyball Girls- St. John’s – Kaloleni
🏆Volleyball Boys- Shimoni
🏆Netball- Kaya Tiwi
🏆Soccer Boys U19- Shimba Hills
🏆Soccer Girls U19- Kwale girls

2019 Nyanza region term 2 games results- List of qualifiers to National KSSSA games.

Photo- Kisumu Day players and Barding players (in white) line up before kick off of the Nyanza Region Term 2 games Soccer Under 19 final at Moi stadium. Barding won 2-0 in extra time.

The Nyanza region term 2 games, 2019, are now officially over. The games were played at Kisumu boys from 18th to 22nd June, 2019 and involved: Soccer, volleyball, netball and racquet games. The following teams from Nyanza have booked tickets to the National Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association, KSSSA, games to be played at Kisumu boys from 27th July to 4th August, 2019:


Final Day: Saturday 22/6/2019

List of Qualifiers to the KSSSA National Term 2 Games:

⚽Soccer Girls U16:
1). Ugari
2). Kobala

⚽Soccer Boys U16:
1). Agoro Sare

🏐Volleyball Girls:
1). Sega

🏐Volleyball Boys:
1). Mogonga

1). Nyakach Girls

⚽Soccer Boys U19:
1). Barding

⚽Soccer Girls U19:
1). Nyakach Girls.
2). Gesero

Overall ranking of the teams

Overall ranking volleyball

  1. Sega
  2. Nyakach
  3. Koru
  4. Lwak
  5. St. Vincent
  6. Magare
  7. Mabera
  8. Sironga-0


  1. Mogonga
  2. St Joseph
  3. Sengera SDA
  4. Agenga
  5. Thurdibuoro
  6. Oriwo
  7. Ambira
  8. Riomerio

Nyanza region term 2 games, 2019 results- Gesero, Nyakach, Kobala and Ugari book Nationals tickets as Nyanza games hit climax; Plus all results and next fixtures

Photo- Scenes from the Gesero vs Kisumu Day soccer boys under 19 semi final played at Moi stadium on Friday 21/6/2019

Gesero and Nyakach girls’ under 19 soccer teams booked tickets to this year’s Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association, KSSSA, national term 2 games after picking crucial wins in the semi finals played on Friday 21st June, 2019. Gesero girls took on newbies Hawinga in one of the semi finals played at Kisumu boys. And it is the girls from Kisii county who saw the net first before Hawinga could equalize in the second half and send the game to extra time.


The game ended at 1-1 forcing spot kicks to be taken to decide the winner. Playing at a third consecutive semi, Gesero were lucky this year converting 8 penalties against Hawinga’s 7 to clinch a slot at the finals. In the other semi played at Kisumu Day, Nyakach broke the jinx and beat bitter rivals Kobala by a solitary goal. Both Nyakach and Gesero also booked tickets to the national games apart from playing at tomorrow’s final.

In soccer girls under 16, Kobala booked a slot at the finals by overcoming Lwak 2-1 after extra time. In the other semi, Ugari netted 2 against Sironga to also book a ticket to the finals. Both Kobala and Ugari have also booked tickets to the national games.

In boys’ soccer under 19 Barding emerged winners after humbling Awasi 1-0 in an entertaining semi played at Kisumu Boys. In the second semi Gesero emerged victorious over Kisumu Day after post match penalties.

Here is a round up of all semi finals played on Friday 21st June, 2019;

Soccer Girls Under 16
1). Kobala 2 vs 1 Lwak (After Extra Time)
2). Ugari 2 vs 0 Sironga

Soccer Boys Under 16
1). Nyambaria 1 (6) vs 1 (7) Agoro Sare
2). Maseno School 2 vs 0 Mobamba

1). Kobala 34 vs 14 Mogonga
2). Nyakach 37 vs 26 Obambo

volleyball Boys
1). Mogonga 3 vs 2 Sengera
2). St. Joseph’s 3 vs 0 Agenga

Volleyball Girls
1). Nyakach 3 vs 1 Koru
2). Sega 3 vs 1 Lwak

Soccer Boys Under 19
1). Awasi 0 vs 1 Barding
2). Kisumu Day 1 (3) vs 1 (5) Gesero

Soccer Girls Under 19
1). Hawinga 1 (7) vs 1 (8) Gesero
2). Nyakach 1 vs 0 Kobala


Date: Saturday 22/6/2019

Soccer Girls Under 16
✅Playoff: Lwak vs Sironga– Kick off; 7.30am at Lions High
✅Final: Kobala vs Ugari–Kick off; 8.00am at Kisumu Boys

Soccer Boys Under 16
✅Playoff: Nyambaria vs Mobamba– Kickoff; 7.30am at Kisumu Day
✅Final: Agoro Sare vs Maseno School– Kickoff; 8.00am at Kisumu Boys

✅Playoff: Mogonga vs Obambo–Kickoff; 8am at Kisumu Girls
✅Final: Kobala vs Nyakach– Kickoff; 8.00am at Kisumu Girls

Volleyball Girls
✅Playoff: Koru vs Lwak–Kickoff; 8.30am at Kisumu Bkys
✅Final: Nyakach vs Sega– Kickoff; 8.30am at Kisumu Boys

Volleyball Boys
✅Playoff: Sengera vs Agenga–Kickoff; 8.30am at Kisumu Boys
✅Final: Mogonga vs St. Joseph’s– Kickoff; 8.30am at Kisumu Boys

Soccer Girls Under 19
✅Playoff: Hawinga vs Kobala: Kickoff; 9.00am at Lions High
✅Final: Gesero vs Nyakach: Kickoff; 8.30am at Moi Stadium

Soccer Boys Under 19
✅Playoff: Awasi vs Kisumu Day: Kickoff; 9.00am at Kisumu Day
✅Final: Barding vs Gesero: Kickoff; 10.30am at Moi Stadium

2019 Nyanza Region Term 2 Games Fixtures and results

KSSSA Games 2019

The 2019 Nyanza region term 2 games enter day 2 today. In today’s programme, teams battle for semi finals slot in morning’s matches. Semis will be played from 2pm today.


Host: Kisumu Boys

Day 2: Friday; 21/6/2019


General Programme
⏱9.00am: Last pool matches
⏱2.00pm: Semi finals

⚽Soccer Boys- U16
Venue @Dr. Aloo Gumbi.

📝Maseno vs Usenge

⚽Soccer Girls-U16
Venue @Dr. Aloo Gumbi
Time: 9.00am

📝Sironga vs Kobala
📝Reru vs Lwak

Time: From 9am

📝Tom Mboya vs Gesero
📝Koderobara vs Awasi
📝Kisumu Day vs Nyakongo
📝Barding vs Agoro Sare

Time: From 9am

📝Kobala vs Gesero
📝Bondo Kosiemo vs Magadi
📝Nyakachi vs Hawinga
📝St. Mathews Mulumba vs Ototo

Time: From 9am
Venue: Kisumu Boys

📝Mogonga vs Agenga
📝Thurdibuoro vs Riomego SDA
📝St. Joseph’s vs Ambira
📝Sengera SDA vs Oriwo

Time: From 9am
Venue @Kisumu Boys

📝Nyakach vs St. Vincent
📝Lwak vs Sironga
📝Sega vs Magare
📝Koru vs Mabera

Time: From 9am
Venue @Kisumu Girls

📝Nyakach vs Mogonga
📝Mokomoni vs Nyarach
📝Kadika vs Obambo
📝Kobala vs Bishop Abiero

Read also;

Results for the Nyanza Region term 2 Games- 2019

KSSSA Games 2019

The Nyanza region secondary school games got underway today at Kisumu Boys. In soccer girls (Under 19), holders Nyakach girls showed intent of retaining their trophy by winning the opening two games; today. Here are the results from today’s matches:


Host: Kisumu Boys

Day 1: 20/6/2019


Collated Results

📝Kobala 1 vs 1 Bondo Kosiemo
📝Gesero 0 vs 0 Magadi
📝Nyakach 11 vs 0 St. Mathias
📝Hawinga 3 vs 1 Ototo
📝Magadi 0 vs 2 Kobala
📝Bondo Kosiemo 0 vs 1 Gesero
📝Ototo 0 vs 1 Nyakach
📝St Mathias 0 vs 10 Hawinga.

Table standings


  1. Kobala: 4 pts (GD +2)
  2. Gesero: 4pts (GD +1)
  3. Bondo Kosiemo: 1pt (GD 0)
  4. Magadi: 1pt (GD -2)

1). Hawinga: 6pts (GD +12)
2). Nyakach: 6pts (GD +12)
3). Ototo: 0pt (GD -3)
4). St. Mathias: 0pt (GD -21)


Collated results

📝Tom Mboya 2 vs 2 Koderobara
📝Gesero 0 vs 0 Awasi
📝Awasi 2 vs 0 Tom Mboya
📝Koderobara 1 vs 2 Gesero

📝Kisumu Day 0 vs 0 Barding
📝Nyakongo 1 vs 3 Agoro Sare
📝Agoro Sare 0 vs 1 Kisumu Day
📝Barding 6 vs 1 Nyakongo


Pool A
1). Awasi: 4pts(GD +2)
2). Gesero: 4pts (GD +1)
3). Koderobara: 1pt (GD -1)
4). Tom Mboya: 1pt (GD -2)


  1. Barding: 4 points (GD +5)
  2. Kisumu Day: 4 points (GD +1)
  3. Agoro Sare: 3 points
  4. Nyakongo: 0 points

Soccer U16 Boys

📝Mobamba 1 vs 4 Nyambaria
*Isibania disqualified.

📝Usenge 1 vs 3 Agoro Sare
📝Agoro Sare 0 vs 1 Maseno School.


Pool A
1). Nyambaria: 3pts (GD +3)
2). Mobamba: 0pts (GD -3)

Pool B
1). Maseno School: 3pts (GD +1)
2). Agoro Sare: 3pts (GD +1)
3). Usenge: 0pt (GD -2)


📝Kobala 7 vs 0 Nduru
📝Nduru 0 vs 2 Sironga

📝Lwak 1 vs 1 Ugari
📝 Ugari 3 vs 0 Reru


Pool A
1). Kobala: 3pts (GD +7)
2). Sironga: 3pts (GD +2)
3). Nduru: 0pts (GD -9)

Pool B
1).Ugari: 4pts (GD: +3)
2). Lwak: 1pt (GD: o)
3). Reru: 0pt (GD -3)

✏Pts- Points
✏GD- Goal Difference.

🏐Volleyball Boys

Collated Results
📝Thurdibuoro 0 vs 3 Mogonga
📝Agenga 3 vs 0 Riomego SDA
📝Sengera SDA 0 vs 3 St. Joseph’s
📝Ambira 1 vs 3 Oriwo
📝Riomego SDA 0 vs 3 Mogonga
📝Agenga 3 vs 1 Thurdibuoro
📝Oriwo 1 vs 3 St. Joseph’s
📝Ambira 1 vs 3 Sengera SDA

🏐Volleyball Girls
Collated Results

📝Lwak 0 (Sets) vs 3 (Sets) Nyakach
📝St. Vincent 3 vs 0 Sironga
📝Koru 2 vs 3 Sega
📝Magare 3 vs 2 Mabera
📝Sironga 0 vs 3 Nyakach
📝St. Vincent 0 vs 3 Lwak
📝Mabera 0 vs 3 Sega
📝Magare 1 vs 3 Koru

MEDIAPRO, selected by CAF to provide VAR for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

Confederation of African Football, CAF, Logo
Confederation of African Football, CAF, Logo

The continent’s most important national team competition incorporates video arbitration technology for the first time from the quarterfinals stage.

The African Football Confederation (CAF) has chosen MEDIAPRO as the provider responsible for the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) service for the African Cup of Nations, the largest international tournament of African nations, to be held in Egypt between 21st June and 19th July.
The 2019 edition will be the first African Cup of Nations with 24 teams and with video arbitration technology (VAR) from the quarterfinals stage.

The service also includes a comprehensive training program delivered by the MEDIAPRO crews with simulator and Offline VOR prior to the official VAR application.

In this way the African Football Confederation (CAF) has relied on the experience and success of MEDIAPRO in the implementation of VAR for the African Cup of Nations, the international tournament of national teams par excellence on the African continent with more than 60 years history and which celebrates its 32nd edition this year.

The MEDIAPRO Group is currently the official supplier of VAR for official league competitions in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Chile and the United Arab Emirates, and provides services to CAF and FIBA. The group is also responsible for the video assistant referee technology for the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa and Copa América 2019.

Recently, it has also been chosen to supply VAR services to the Greek Superliga (football’s first division) and VAR service for the next five years together with Greek company in Digital.

The 2019 Nyanza Region Term games- Full fixtures and results

KSSSA Games 2019

The 2019 Nyanza region term 2 games kick off on Thursday 20th June, 2019 at Kisumu Boys. The games that will feature soccer, volleyball, netball and racquets are expected to end on Saturday with winners booking tickets to the National stage.

Check out the day 1 fixtures, below;


Host: Kisumu Boys


Day 1: Thursday 20/6/2019

✅Isibania vs Mobamba
✅Usenge vs Agoro Sare
✅Mobamba vs Nyambaria
✅Agoro Sare vs Maseno School

✅Kobala vs Omobera
✅Lwak vs Ugari
✅Omobera vs Sironga
✅Ugari vs Reru


Morning; Kick off: 9.00am
✅Tom Mboya vs Koderobara
✅Gesero vs Awasi
✅Kisumu Day vs Barding
✅Nyakongo vs Agoro Sare

After Lunch: Kickoff @2.00pm
✅Awasi vs Tom Mboya
✅Koderobara vs Gesero
✅Agoro Sare vs Kisumu Day
✅Barding vs Nyakongo


Morning: Kickoff @9.0pam
✅Kobala vs Bondo Kosiemo
✅Gesero vs Magadi
✅Nyakachi vs St. Mathias Mulumba
✅Hawinga vs Ototo

After lunch: Kickoff @1.00pm
✅Magadi vs Kobala
✅Bondo Kosiemo vs Gesero
✅Ototo vs Nyakach
✅St. Mathias Mulumba vs Hawinga.


Morning: Kickoff @9.03am
✅Thurdibuoro vs Mogonga
✅Agenga vs Riomego SDA
✅Sengera SDA vs St. Joseph’s
✅Ambira vs Oriwo

Afternoon: Kickoff @2.00pm
✅Riomego SDA vs Mogonga
✅Agenga vs Thurdibuoro
✅Oriwo vs St. Joseph’s
✅Ambira vs Sengera SDA


Morning: Kickoff @9.00am
✅Lwak vs Nyakach
✅St. Vincent vs Sironga
✅Koru vs Sega
✅Magare vs Mabera

Afternoon: Kickoff @2.00pm
✅Sironga vs Nyakach
✅St. Vincent vs Lwak
✅Mabera vs Sega
✅Magare vs Koru


Morning: Kickoff @9.00am
✅Nyakach vs Mokomoni
✅Mogonga vs Nyarach
✅Kadika vs Kobala
✅Obambo vs Bishop Abiero

Afternoon: Kickoff @2.00pm
✅Nyarach vs Nyakach
✅Mokomoni vs Mogonga
✅Bishop Abiero vs Kadika
✅Kobala vs Obambo

Catch the action live from Kisumu boys

2019 Census jobs shortlisting and interviews- Guide to interview questions and their answers

2019 Census jobs in Kenya.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, KNBS, is currently recruiting personnel to carry out the 2019 National Census exercise. After applications are received, KNBS will shortlist candidates who meet the minimum set requirements. The shortlisted candidates will then be taken through interviews and successful interviews will be given the jobs on short term basis.

Here is the full Recruitment Schedule as released by KNBS:

Recruitment of Census Personnel
1). Advertisement of all the positions in the print media, website, County, sub county, location and sublocation offices and Receiving applications at the KNBS County offices; 11th – 24th June 2019
8). Identification of the centres for conducting interviews; 17th – 29th June, 2019
2). Communicate to the CCCs through CSOs the number of personnel in different positions (ICT supervisors Content supervisors and Enumerators); 20th June 2019
3). Forwarding of applications/summary forms to the relevant authority; 25th -27 June, 2019
4). Shortlisting and contacting shortlisted ICT Supervisors, Content Supervisors and Enumerators for the interviews; 28th June-7th July, 2019
5). Interview and contacting successful ICT Supervisors, Content Supervisors and Enumerators; 5th – 18th July, 2019

And below are some of the interview questions that may be asked to shortlisted applicants:
📝Give a brief description of yourself.
An executive summary of your Curriculum Vitae, CV, can do better.

📝What makes you think you are fit for this job?
Give key competencies that are tied to the specific job requirements .

📝What are the key benefits of using Technology in the 2019 National Census exercise ?
Key benefits of using modern technology in data collection during the Kenya Census 2019 will include reduction of time for data processing, analysis and release of the results.

📝For how long will the 2019 Census enumeration be carried out?
The census enumeration will be conducted for up to seven days with the
night of August 24th/25th being the reference night.

📝How important is the Census exercise to the country?
Information that will be generated from the Kenya Census 2019 will help with planning, budgeting and programming for important services; future policy formulation as well as resource allocation across counties and national government.

📝How many Census exercises have been carried in Kenya, so far?
The 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census will be the 8th in Kenya’s history! Other censuses were conducted in 1948, 1962, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999 and 2009.

📝When was the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics established?
KNBS was established by an Act of Parliament – the Statistics Act, 2006 No.4. KNBS is a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency under the Ministry of Planning, National Development & Vision 2030.

📝What is the mandate of KNBS?
KNBS is mandated to collect, compile analyze, publish and disseminate official statistics for public use. In addition, KNBS coordinates, monitors and supervises the National Statistical System (NSS).

📝What is the National Statistical System?
The NSS is composed of the individual units engaged in the production and use of official statistics in the country. It comprises producers, users, suppliers of statistical information as well as research and training institutions.

📝How is KNBS organized?
The management of the Bureau is vested in the Board of Directors. The Board consists of a Chair (appointed by the President) and seven other Board members. The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer of the Bureau and Secretary to the Board.
The organization structure of the Bureau is composed of six directorates, each headed by a Director.

📝What are the responsibilities of the Directorates?
Strategy and Development Directorate: responsible for policy research, planning, development of statistical methods and standards, and coordination of the NSS.

✏Population and Social Statistics Directorate: responsible for collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of demographic and other social sector statistics, as well as maintenance of the Cartography and NASSEP (National Sampling Survey and Evaluation Programme) laboratory.

✏Macroeconomic Statistics Directorate: responsible for collection, analysis, generation and dissemination of macroeconomic statistics of National Accounts statistics, External Sector statistics, Monetary and Financial statistics, Public Finance statistics, Tourism, Transport and Communication statistics.

✏Production Statistics Directorate: responsible for collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of labour and industrial statistics. This includes employment and earnings, consumer price indices and inflation rates, manufacturing, building and construction, energy and leading economic indicators, business expectation enquiry, agriculture and livestock production, food monitoring and environment statistics.

✏Information and Communication Technology Directorate: Responsible for Bureau Information Systems, Data Processing for surveys and Censuses, Managing the National Socio-Economic Database, Data Dissemination, Printing and/or Publishing, and Library service.

✏Finance and Administration Directorate: responsible for Finance, Administration and Human Resources Management and Development.

📝What are the funding sources for KNBS?
Among the funding sources for KNBS are:

The Exchequer, Development partners such as The World Bank, DfID, AfDB, UNFPA, GTZ, UNDP, JICA, USAID, DANIDA, SIDA, UNICEF and Commonwealth Secretariat

📝What surveys does KNBS undertake?
KNBS undertakes two broad types of surveys, namely, household-based surveys and establishment based surveys.

These include – but are not limited to – the following:

Kenya Population and Housing Census, Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey, Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, Malaria Indicator Survey, Adult Literacy Survey, Disability Survey, Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey, Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, Consumer Price Index, Producer Price Index, Labour Force Survey, Micro and Small Enterprise Survey, Child labour Survey, Agriculture and Livestock Survey, Time Use Survey, Foreign Investment Survey, Integrated Survey of Enterprises, Informal Cross Border Trade Survey, Survey of villas, cottages and campsites, Financial Access Survey, Inbound Outbound Survey, Survey on Expansion of Coverage of Financial Institutions, Annual Survey on Industrial Production, Building and Construction Survey, Survey of Quarrying and Mining
Census of Industrial Production

Good luck.

Teachers to get increased salaries from July, 2019 as third phase of the KNUT/KUPPET-TSC CBA is implemented

TSC Kenya
TSC Kenya Teaching vacancies advert.

The third phase of the implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA, signed between teachers’ unions and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will be implemented in the 2019/2020 financial year. The CBA that is to come into force as from July, 2019 will cost the taxpayer Sh13 billion. Primary teacher II, primary teacher I, secondary teacher III, secondary teacher II, secondary teacher II and primary special needs education categories will not benefit during this phase since their salary increment was only captured in phase one (2017/2018) and phase two (2018/2019).

The final Phase of CBA will be implemented in financial year 2020/2021. The agreement shall remain in force and bind all parties (TSC, KNUT and KUPPET) until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is negotiated.

According to the new pay matrix; that comes into effect in July, chief principals earning a basic salary of between Sh111,201 and Sh152,937 will now earn between Sh121,814 and Sh157,656. Chief principals fall in Grade D5 (Job Group Q and R).

Senior principals in Grade D4 (Job Group P) earning between Sh99,730 and Sh114,432 will now take home between Sh109,249 and Sh118,169.

Principals in Grade D3 (Job Group M and N) earning between Sh77,840 and Sh90,612, will now take home between Sh93,850 and Sh102,802.

Deputy principals III, Grade D2 (Job Group N) earning between Sh71,565 and Sh85,269, will now earn Sh82,717 and Sh87,900.

Senior teachers, senior masters and deputy principals IV in Grade D1 (Job Group M and N) earning between Sh66,177 and Sh80,242, will now take home between Sh77,840 and Sh82,717 while headteacher, deputy headteacher I and senior master III in Grade C5 (Job Group G to M) earning between Sh40,849 and Sh60,000, will now take home between Sh51,632 and Sh62,272.

Deputy headteacher II in Grade C4 (Job Group G to L) earning between Sh35,927 and Sh49,912, will now take home between Sh45,287 and Sh51,632.

Secondary teacher I and senior teacher I Grade C3 (Job Group L) will now earn between Sh41,343 and Sh51,927 from the current salary of between Sh39,532 and Sh49,912.

Senior teacher II, secondary teacher II and secondary II UT and primary special need education teacher in Grade C2 (Job Group G to J) will earn between Sh31, 242 and Sh33,971 per month. These teachers are currently earning between Sh27, 325 and Sh32, 988.