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AFCON Clash: Harambee Stars Line up to face Ethiopia, today

Ethiopia Starting 11

  • Samson Asefa (GK)
  • Abdulkerim Mohammed
  • Asechalew Tamane
  • Antenhe Tesefaye
  • Ahemid Reshid
  • Gatochi Panom
  • Mullualem Mesfin
  • Biniam Belaye
  • Shemelese Bekele
  • Dawa HutisaG
  • Getanhe Kebede

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✅2 Teachers Killed by Alshabaab In mandera. The two died after Alshabab bombed Arabia Boys Secondary School in Mandera East, Nortg Eastern Region.

✅50 people perish in a road accident in kericho. The passengers perished after a bus, Home Boys, overturned this morning at Fort Ternan near Kipkelion.

✅Kayole bound matatu burst into flames with passengers on board.

✅Former Member of Parliament, MP, dies while being rushed to hospital. The Former Assistant Minister and North Mugirango mp-Nyarangi Moturi, died today morning.

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Mandera attacks: Press release by CS Matiang’i

Mandera attacks: Press release by CS Matiang’i

File Photo-CS Fred Matiang'i
File Photo-CS Fred Matiang'i

Interior and Coordination of National Government CS, Dr. Fred Matiang’i, has issued a statement concering last night’s attacks in Mandera in which 2 teachers died.

“I Condemn the cowardly act, by suspected extremists, that took place at Arabia Boys Secondary School, Mandera County early this morning. My heartfelt condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those affected by the incident.

I commend the action of our @NPSOfficial_KE (National Police Service Officials) agents in Mandera who responded to the incident and who continue to pursue the attackers with the view of neutralising the threat. I have asked that they share updates of the operation with the view of informing the public.

I reiterate Government’s commitment to provide security for all its citizens across the country and warn those who are out to test our resolve. Particularly, I assure all those who are preparing for KCPE and KCSE exams that their security will continue to be provided.”


Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy, which presents a huge opportunity for employment creation to absorb the youth and improve their livelihoods. Focusing on youth is vital: UNDP’s Kenya Youth Employment Challenge 2013 report reveals that 64% of unemployed Kenyans are youth, with unemployment rates much higher (30% for those aged 20 to 24 years and 20% for those aged 25 to 29 years) than the national average of 10%. These youths offer a dynamic work force that is innovative, with a high uptake of technological know-how and the ability to take on significant levels of risk.

The project is launched after winning a grant from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). It is implemented and co-funded by CTA and the Kenya based USTADI Foundation.
This initiative will link to national agricultural and youth development frameworks, to the Kenya Youth Agribusiness Strategy 2017-2021 and to IFAD’s Country Strategic Opportunity Programme.
It will strive to create sustainable youth-led enterprises through collaboration with innovative financial service providers, creating market linkages, integrating innovatively digital technologies and enhancing business management capacity.
Support will be specifically provided to value addition, as well as opportunities for scaling-up.
Its sustainability will as well ensured by the involvement of government counties, IFAD and other key partnerships to be established.
Beside the usual capacity building on entrepreneurship, youth groups will be taken through various capacity development initiatives including training in critical subjects such as leadership and ICTs/social media use for agribusiness. These youth will also be provided with support for establishing linkages to market in order to commercialise their production and generate revenues. They will benefit from mentoring and incubation services offered by professional agricultural organisations and incubators.
Depending on their innovativeness, the scope of operations and potential, selected youth groups will benefit from different levels of grants to scale up.
The experiences of youth groups will be captured and supported by a targeted knowledge management strategy.

The initiative aims to achieve the following outcomes:
The enterprise skills of 2,250 youth in selected agriculture value chains are developed and enhanced;
Involvement of rural young women in agripreneurship is strengthened;
Young agripreneurs involved are offering innovative, value-added and remunerative services in targeted commodities;
Between 100 and 150 youth groups, aggregating at least 1,000 small agribusinesses have increased access to profitable markets and have generate increased revenues.
Between 100 and 150 rural youth groups (around 2,250 youths aged 18-35 years old, with at least 30% women) active in cereal, dairy and fishery value chains will be directly involved in the project. Indirectly, the project is anticipated to impact 10,000 youth due to employment generated by the youth businesses and through the dissemination of agribusiness opportunities and knowledge sharing; Agricultural development organisations and other value chain actors will also indirectly benefit from it.

Application deadline is: 15/10/2018

Click on this link for application and further details: https://www.cta.int/en/project/youth-economic-empowerment-through-agribusiness-in-kenya-vijabiz-sid0f664828b-9ccd-4c1c-bf39-7ebdfd7ffe44

How to access th E- citizen portal, create an E- Citizen account, apply for Police Clearance Certificate/ Certificate of Good Conduct/ Requirements for application for Police certificate of good conduct from the Director of Criminal Investigations, printing out the C24 form, the receipt and download the certificate from applicant’s e-citizen account.

Client User Manual for Clearance Certificate on e-Citizen

This manual will describe in detail how to access the E-Citizen portal, create an account, applying for Police Clearance Certificate, printing out the C24 form, the receipt and finally download the certificate from applicants e-citizen account.


1 Introduction

E-Citizen is a web-based Management Information System (MIS) software application that automates service application, payments and application review procedures for processing permits. It enables applicants to monitor the status of their applications and provides improved management information for agencies to improve service delivery.

In this tutorial, we will be giving clients (citizens ) a walkthrough of how to access the eCitizen Web portal, create an account, access their account and apply for a Police Clearance Certificate, pay and download/ print out the receipt and Form c24 and finally at a later download the approved POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE online.

1.1. Registering on E citizen


  1. You must be Kenyan Citizen and holder of an ID card to register on e-citizen platform.
  2. Children under the age of 18 can apply on the parents/guardians account


– TWO (2) copies of the invoice (of KES. 1050) and One (1) copy of the C24 printed on both sides of an A4 paper. – The applicant in person.

– Original ID card and its photocopy for adults or birth certificate and its photocopy for children under 18 years accompanied by ID copy of the parent/ guardian.

– Must allow his/her fingerprints and palm prints to be recorded on a prescribed fingerprint form C24. 3

1.1.1 Open your browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome and key in www.ecitizen.go.ke

1.1.2 Follow the registration process to register.

Fig 1.1


1.1.3 Choose Account category you want to create (for this manual, we have chosen a Kenyan citizen account highlighted below in red)

Fig 1.2 4

1.1.4 Enter ID Number and first name as it appears on your ID. See example below

Fig 1.3 5

1.1.5 Enter your email address and password and confirm your password

Remember to read the terms and conditions and check the box ‘I agree to the terms and condition’

Fig 1.4 6

1.1.6 A confirmation link will be sent to your email address.

Fig 1.5

1.1.7 Login to the email account you specified. Once you receive the confirmation email, click on activate your eCitizen account link. See below Fig. 1.6

Note: Please use a valid email address as all notifications and applications status will be sent to the specified address 7

Fig. 1.7

1.1.8 Enter your phone number and click on “send verification code” as shown below

Fig. 1.8 a varication code will be sent to your mobile phone and on the next page (below) key in the code sent to your phone and click verify Button. See below 8

Fig. 1.9 verify mobile number 9

Upload your photo to complete the registration process. Fig. 2.0 upload picture

You can choose to skip the upload process if you don’t have a ready photo to upload and do it at a later time or when you next login to your e-citizen account.

Please ensure that your photo does not exceed the specified size of 500 x 500 px and that it is a recent photo of yourself. Immediately you upload your photo, you will be directed to the dashboard where you can view currently available services under different MDAs. 10


1.1.9 Log into your newly created Account and Click on “Get service now” under DIRECTORATE OF CRIMINAL INVISTIGATIONS menu as shown below.

Fig. 2.1 dashboard 11

1.1.10 The following screen appears displaying your Dashboard. Click on make application button as shown below.

Fig. 2.2 make application

1.1.11 On the next screen, choose which application type you want to make e.g. adult or child application

Fig. 2.3 choose application type 12

1.1.12 Read carefully and understand the application instructions before clicking the apply button below the page.

Fig. 2.4 read application instructions

NOTE: It is important to always read and understand the application information you wish to submit. 13

1.1.13 Fill out the details you are being request on the application form and their after click on the CONTINUE button below the form.

Fig: 2.5 fill form

1.1.14 On the next screen displayed, you will be able to view your application details before submission. Click on SUBMIT.

Fig. 2.6 application review

In case you an error or omission on your application at this point and you wish to make corrections, click on Back button otherwise, click on submit to continue 14

1.1.15 Upon clicking submit, the screen will now display the various available payments methods. Select a payment method of your choice

Fig. 2.7 choose payment option from the above, let’s take M-PESA as our chosen payment checkout.

1.1.16 Once you have made your payment and received confirmation SMS from MPESA of the same on your mobile phone, you can now click on ‘Complete’ as shown in the following screen shot.

Fig: 2.8 make payment 15

1.1.17 Once your payment has been confirmed by e-Citizen you will now be able to download the C24 form (finger printing form) and the Receipt saying PAID. You will present the documents for processing at the center you specified to be finger printed.

Fig: 2.9 download c24 form and invoice 16

Fig. 3.0 C24 form

Note: the above One (1) copy of the C24 should be printed on both sides of an A4 paper. 17

Fig. 3.1 Invoice paid 18

Once the applicant is finger printed and the application has undergone the verification and checked for any criminal record on the DCI database, the application is approved and a POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE is generated online. The applicant will then get an SMS notification to login to his/her e-citizen account and download the E-police clearance certificate and print it on A4 paper back to back.

The e-police clearance certificate can be verified by sending the word DCI to 21546. Then after successful registration, dial *512# and follow the prompts.


CAF cancels the Siera Leone vs Ghana AFCON clash

File- photo Ghana's football team, the Black stars
File- photo Ghana's football team, the Black stars

The Confederation of Africa Football (CAF), has cancelled the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), qualifier between Ghana and Sierra Leone.

A communique from CAF informed the Ghana Football Association’s (GFA), Normalization Committee that “the CAN 2019 Qualifier match no. 65 (Ghana vs Sierra Leone) & 89 (Sierra Leone vs Ghana) on the 11th and 14th of October respectively have been cancelled.”

The letter signed by Samson Adamu, Director of Competition at CAF, further said it was “due to the fact that the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), did not meet the conditions stipulated in the letter sent by CAF on FIFA’s decision to suspend the federation.

“As a result, all officials appointed for match no 89 (Sierra Leone vs Ghana) are not to travel as their mission has been canceled, likewise, the officials who have travelled for Match no 65 (Ghana vs Sierra Leone) are requested to travel back home since the match has been cancelled.”

Ghana are at the summit of group F, that also includes Kenya and Ethiopia who play each other this evening, at Ethiopia. Kenya now have a fair chance of topping the group if they win or draw, away at Ethiopia, today.

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Award opportunity: Apply, today, for the Connected Summit Innovation Awards 2018

File photo: winner of past competition
File photo: winner of past competition
Connected Summit Innovation Awards- 2018

The Connected Information Communication technology, ICT, Innovation Awards celebrate Kenyan enterprises that have launched new ICT products and services. The awards are designed to highlight the innovation that meets Kenya’s blueprint for vision 2030 to build a vibrant middle-income economy by the year 2030.

Participants are asked to submit proof of their innovation in one of 13 categories derived from the Vision 2030 economic pillar or four categories supporting the Big 4 agenda.

The Vision 2030 economic pillars categories are:

  • Agriculture
  • Business Process Outsourcing/Off-shoring
  • Education and Training
  • Environment
  • Financial Services
  • Gender, Youth and Vulnerable groups
  • Health Care Delivery
  • Housing and Urbanization
  • Manufacturing
  • Social Equity
  • Tourism
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade

Big Four Agenda Categories.

According to an analysis by Price Water Coopers, PWC, the implementation of the Big Four Agenda will require the government to support technology innovation. ICT Authority encourages participants to submit their innovations in one of 4 categories derived from the Big Four agenda. The categories are:

  • Manufacturing- Read more here
  • Universal healthcare – Read more here
  • Affordable housing – Read more here
  • Food security- Read more here 

See the timelines below:

  • Deadline for submission: 12th October 2018
  • Selection of finalists: 19th October 2018
  • Awarding of finalists: at Connected Summit- 24th October 2018.

To apply and for more details, Visit: http://www.connected.go.ke/innovation-2018

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Latest News: Ministry of Education’s press release on state of preparedness for 2018 KCPE & KCSE Exams

Mandera teachers’ death: National police service statement on the attack.

The National Police Service has, this morning, given a press statement on the attack at Arabia boys secondary school that led to the death of two teachers:

“This morning at about 1 am at Arabia Boys Secondary School in Mandera county,suspected Alshabab terrorists threw an explosive device at a teacher’s house that had two teachers setting off a fire that sadly killed the two teachers.

Police Reservists guarding the school engaged the attackers who then fled as more reinforcements were mobilised.

All other teachers and students are safe and no other part of the school was affected. The hunt for the attackers is ongoing.”

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