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Sad! Body of a form 2 girl found in a dormitory at Sacred Heart High, Mukumu

The body of a form two girl at the Sacred Heart Girls High School in Kakamega was found dead inside one of the dormitories on Friday. Nathline Samantha, a form 2 student, was found immotile in one of the dorms by curious students.

Students at her class raised the alarm after they realised that Nathline Samantha had missed the morning lessons.

John Onyango, head of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Kakamega County, said investigations into the death of the student are underway. The body was moved to the Kakamega Level 5 Hospital Mortuary.

The school principal, Madam Fridah Ndolo, refused to talk to the media, when contacted on the matter.

Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls Secondary School is located in Shibuye Location in Shinyalu Constituency within Kakamega County and is a girls boarding secondary school.

Kenyans on high alert over Chinese loans as China seizes zambia’s Power Utility firm for defaulting

Kenyans are on high alert after it was reported that China was in talks with a  Chinese company to takeover Zambia’s power utility Corporation- ZESCO. Africa Confidential has warned that Zambia risks losing its sovereignty to China as that country will seize national assets once government defaults on loans.

In a report titled ‘Bonds, bills and ever bigger debts’ published on September 3, Africa Confidential observed that ZNBC was already being run by the Chinese and disclosed that Zesco was also already in talks about a takeover by a Chinese company.

“A major worry of the IMF and US is that China’s BRI strategy is first to encourage indebtedness, and then to take over strategic national assets when debtors default on repayments. The state electricity company Zesco is already in talks about a takeover by a Chinese company, AC has learned. The state-owned TV and radio news channel ZNBC is already Chinese-owned. The long-term outcome could be effective Chinese ownership of the commanding heights of the economy and potentially the biggest loss of national sovereignty since independence,” the report read.

Africa Confidential noted that Zambians would be alarmed to learn the real Chinese debt figures.

“Zambia is a good example of what the International Monetary Fund and the United States Senate are calling a crisis of accelerating developing-country indebtedness to China.

On 3 August, a bipartisan letter by prominent US Senators to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin urged the US not to allow the IMF to bail out countries which had got themselves into financial difficulties thanks to over-exposure to Chinese debt, especially for ‘overpriced’ infrastructure projects.

The démarche builds on the concern expressed by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde in a major speech in April and pundits in Lusaka say the description fits Zambia like a glove,” the report read.

“The Senators’ letter names ‘predatory Chinese infrastructure financing’ as part of ‘debt-trap diplomacy’ which is integral to the Belt Road Initiative (BRI).

The letter continues that Twenty three of the 68 developing countries are in debt distress or strong risk thereof because of the BRI.

Although Zambia is classified as at high risk of debt distress it is not among the 23 named, but Africa Confidential’s sources say this is only because much of its debt to China has not been fully accounted for, an exercise the Lusaka exchequer is not anxious to complete for fear of the alarm the figures would cause.”

Africa Confidential noted that although Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe announced that all Chinese projects below 80 per cent completion would be halted, President Edgar Lungu told Chinese nationals that all projects would go ahead as planned.

Kenyans will be following these developments, keenly, after president Uhuru Kenyatta secured a $60 billion loan from China’s kitty for development in Africa. Kenyans who have been urging president Uhuru to sign the Finance Bill 2018 amendment, that will halt the introduction of 16 per cent fuel levy, descended on him for celebrating more loans to African nations when his country is crippling in debt. Some advised that he approaches his deputy William Ruto for loans. On Monday, DP Ruto carried Sh10 million in a bag pack for a goat auction in Kajiado County.


Girls’ Voices for change launches competition for scholarships-2018

The Geater Good Organization has launched the Girls’ Voices For Change Competitions for the year 2018. This is a digital media contest for girls aged 13-19 years to create compelling digital media inspiring positive change in girls’ education. Participating girls will be awarded under four categories, namely:

  1. Participation micro-Scholarship: Each girl who participates receives a Kshs. 10,000 seed scholarship for her individual education related needs.
  2. Creativity in photography Prize: winners will get Kshs. 50,000
  3. Creativity in video Prize: shall be kshs. 50,000
  4. Big idea prize: shall be Kshs. 100,000

This competition is a collaboration between GreaterGood.org and Microsoft corporation. The submission deadline is October 5, 2018. Winners and awards shall be announced on November 15, 2018. For enquiries, contact- Phone: 0700063323/ 0754550620 and Email: gv4Change@learnkenya.org.

Girls’ Voices unites the power of personal storytelling, a global network of grassroots organizations committed to girls’ empowerment and education, and GreaterGood.org’s micro-funding community to address disparities in girls’ education. At the heart of Girls’ Voices is the idea that as more girls share their stories online, more people will be able to connect to their challenges and triumphs, and donate to their cause. In addition to supporting more girls financially, the experience of making compelling media will directly benefit the girls’ confidence, technical skills, and sense of empowerment. Over the next two years the project aims to expand education opportunities to thousands of girls.

The Girls’ Voices curriculum – inspired by youth media and girls’ empowerment initiatives-  is designed to support small crews of girls (6 – 10 girls, aged 13 – 19) who can work together for two to six weeks. Each Girls’ Voices crew uses phones and simple devices to create and share their work, and connects online to receive encouragement and support from Girls’ Voices mentors and volunteers.

Girls’ Voices partners with grassroots organizations engaged in girls’ education, and trains youth leaders online to effectively support girls to create digital media projects. Partners identify a key barrier to girls’ education – transportation, tuition, books, tutoring – and administer small scholarships to address their education related needs

A mentally ‘disturbed’ Teacher rescued from mob at Naivasha

A secondary school teacher was rescued from a charged mob on Wednesday evening at Naivasha town. Identified as Mr. Daniel Mwaura Njoroge, he seemed to have a mental disorder when rescued by a good samaritan. Mr. Njoroge is said to be a teacher at Muranda Secondary school in Murang’a.

The mob was baying for his blood for alleged thievery; a case of mistaken identity. Mr. Njoroge hails from Miharati area which is a location in Kipipiri division, Kipipiri Constituency, of Nyandarua County; Central province.

A teacher familiar with Njoroge said, “I know this guy. I used to work with him, some times back in Gilgil. The family have been informed but they would be happy to get the contacts of the person who rescued him(Mr. Njoroge)”.

Teachers countrywide face a myriad of problems ranging from TPAD, pressure at work, to meagre pay. Schools re-opened on 27th August, 2018, for third term. It could not be established immediately what Mr. Njoroge was doing at Naivasha town.

KEPSHA Elections abort after irate teachers invade venue.

Shem Ndolo- KEPSHA Chairman

Kenya Primary schools Head’s Association elections that were to be conducted today have been prematurely postponed. The National Executive Council (NEC) meeting convened today was ended prematurely when teachers chanting ‘Mafuta and Otiendo Must go’ invaded the meeting venue, today. The meeting called by the National Secretary General Secretary, Mr. David Mafuta, was interrupted by teachers who want Mr. Mafuta and Chairman Shem Ndolo to retire. The top KEPSHA brass is being accused of embezzlement and being in office illegally,as some of the officials have attained the mandatory retirement age.

The meeting was held at the National KEPSHA offices in Kileleshwa, Nairobi. The chairman, Mr. Ndolo, at one moment walked out of the meeting hall and ordered the media and teachers present to vacate the area. This agitated the situation as the angry teachers started chanting slogans for removal of Mr. Shem Ndolo. Mr. Mafuta who heads Mofu primary school in Embu is accused of corruption and diverting KEPSHA monies to funding own projects. More to follow…….

KEPSHA is an organization representing the diverse views of over 26,000 primary school head teachers, KEPSHA cares about a lot of issues pertaining to quality education in Kenya. The Child-Friendly Schools framework provides KEPSHA with the overall blueprint from which we are building a systematic approach to delivering equitable rights-based quality education for all of our pupils in Kenya.

Dating Rules for slay queens and sponsors

This is for the ladies, dating sponsors:

🛡Never call the sponsor, it is the sponsor who should call you. Infact, never attempt calling at night.

🛡 Never ask the sponsor where he is. It is the sponsor who should know your whereabouts.
🛡Never date another man alongside your sponsor. It is the sponsor who should have multiple slay queens.
🛡Never request the sponsor to invite you to public places like beaches and big restaurants. The sponsor only wants you in the room.
🛡Never carry pregnancy for the sponsor. The sponsor is not after siring babies with you.
🛡Never request the sponsor to use a contraceptive. That is too distasteful to the sponsor; he hates it big time.
🛡 Never threaten the sponsor with disclosing your relationship to his wife. You will go early to your creator.
🛡Never brag around about your relationship with the sponsor. He always wants your affair kept private.
🛡 Never ask the sponsor to marry you. You are just dust bin; for damping his wastes.
🛡Asks for lots of money from the sponsor. Invest and invest and invest. But, keep your investments off the watchful eyes of your sponsor. The sponsor hates when he sees you economically empowered. He wants you to remain vulnerable forever so that he can continue satisfying his appetite.
🛡Never expect satisfaction from sexual sensations with the sponsor. Most sponsors are senile; old donkeys. They have insatiable appetite for sex but are non performers. They are just too tired and fragile to satisfy your sexual needs. They even use drugs(read viagra) to boost their libido; which just does not help. Just get his big moneys and invest well. Invest my dear lady. Cheat them that he satisfies your sexual urge. Cry, mourn, yell just to make an extra coin from the sponsor.
🛡Ensure your blossoms are big enough. Take drugs to have the largest butt. Sponsors worship big butts. Be smart my friend.
🛡 Remember, dating a sponsor is like signing a death licence. Be ready to face the consequences. Remember our friends: Mercy Keino and Sharon Otieno(RIP)… and many more…..

Available BOM Teaching vacancies in Kenya, September, 2018.

File photo: A Kenyan teacher in class
File photo: A Kenyan teacher in class

The following BOM teaching vacancies are available in Kenyan Secondary schools (September, 2018). Contacts have been provided.

  1. Kiswahili/ Geography @ Nyakach Girls(in Sondu)

Deadline: September 10th, 2018



P.O BOX 2, SONDU- 40109

  1. Chemistry/.. @ Mtwapa in Kilifi County.

Email: albstadthelpinghands@hotmail.com

Phone: 0795962226

  1. Computer Studies @ Matungulu Girls’ School

Deadline: 10/09/2018

Email: matungulugirls@gmail.com

Phone: 0734610130/ 0791217207

  1. Kiswahili/ CRE @ Bongo Girls High (In Nyandarua).

Contact the Dean @ 0735977436/ 0717 84 2881

  1. Math/ Phyc @ Umina Mixed secondary (Ugunja, in Siaya)

Contact: 0700920554

  1. Kiswahili/ CRE & English/ Lit @ St. Charles Lwanga, Gesero, (in Kisii County)

Contact the DOS @ 0713018994

  1. English/ Lit & Biology/ Agric @ Nyakoora Secondary (in Kisii county)

Contact the principal @0711403036

  1. History/ CRE @ Alliance High School.

Contact: 0711786474

  1. Maths/ Business studies @ St. Mary’s Kyatune Girls.

Contact: 0729 586526

  1. Biology/ Chemistry @Gatanga Girls

Contact: 0797035644(HOD)/ 0700659240/ 0719353343

  1. Maths/ Business @ Riomego SDA secondary (Nyamira County)

Contact: 0713 406 532

  1. CRE/ history @Githunguri mixed Secondary (murang’a)

Contact: 0726 302671

  1. Biology/ Chemistry @ Takaba Boys(Mandera): Accomodation & Meals offered freely

Contact: 0718799407

  1. Maths/ Business @ Magena Boys (Kisii)

Contact: 0722226774

  1. Maths/ Business @ Ngai Secondary (in Kithungo, Makueni): Salary; Kshs. 15,000

Contact: 0702045130

  1. Biology/ Chemistry @ Miathene Boys

Contact: 0725 996025

  1. Kiswahili/ CRE @ Kamothai Girls Technical High.

Contact: 0725 98 98 49

  1. Maths/ chemistry @ Arthur Magugu secondary(Nyanza)

Contact: 0722344378

  1. History/ CRE (Male) @ Butula Girls (In Busia)

Contact: 0703 909864

  1. Maths/.., English/.. & Kiswahili/.. @Kagaa High (in Kiambu)

Contact the Principal @0752 012225/ 0722787254

  1. Biology/ Agric @Kalivu Secondary.

Contact: 0701 506 244

  1. Geography/ Business @ Kwoyo Oyugis Secondary.

Contact: 0722 331 209

  1. English/ Lit @ Kuga Girls (in Karatina)

Contact: 0722297398/ 0727 092287

  1. Kiswahili/ CRE @ Oduwo Secondary (in Muhoroni).

Contact: 0729 519 741

  1. Math/ chemistry @ tswaka secondary

Contact: 0728 240 764

  1. Math/ Chemistry @Mwijo Secondary (in Mombasa)

Contact: 0722 642428

  1. English/ Li @ Njiiri Secondary

Contact: 0714 449073

  1. Geography/ Business @ Kalou High (Nyandarua)

Contact: 0715 854 571

  1. Maths/ Geography @ Ndiwa Girls

Contact: 0703 736914

  1. Maths/ Physics, Biology/Chemistry, Agric/ Biology, Kiswahili/CRE, English/ Lit & Business @ Laboret boys.

Contact: 0723634989/ 0721 724512.

  1. Math/ chemistry @ Ituru Boys High (in Gatundu South)


  1. Agric/Bio/Chem & Bio/Chem @ St. Christopher High.

Contact: 0715 209 403

  1. Maths/ Business @Ngai secondary (Makueni)

Contact: 0702 045 130

  1. Biology/ Agric @ Kenyoro Secondary (in Marani, Kisii County)

Contact: 0741 788 762

  1. Biology/ Agric @St. John’s Mixed (Bahati, Nakuru)

Contact: 0729602204/ 0710859391

  1. Biology/ Chemistry @ Londiani Girls Secondary (Londiani)

Contact the principal @ The Principal, Londiani Girls

P.O Box, 40-20203


  1. English/ Lit, Kiswahili/History & Maths/Phyc @ Wamy Boys (Isiolo). Salary: Kshs. 25,000

Contact Issa Yunis @ 0729 41 9999

  1. Comp/ Maths @ Gachoro Secondary.

Contact: 0705 627947

  1. Business/ Geography @ Oruba Girls (Uriri)

Contact: 0719 303326

  1. Chemistry/ Biology @ Nyamira Boys (Nyamira County)

Contact: 0723655084

  1. Music/ Kiswahili..TSC Job..@ St. Barnabas Girls

Contact: 0719 484019

  1. Bio/ Chem & Math/ Phyc @ Gikumbo secondary School (in Karatina)

Contact: 0721 803 141

  1. Principal, Chem/ Math, Chem/ Bio & Bio/ agric @ Kagoro Adventist Girls High School (In Gwasi, Nyandiwa Region).

Contact: Kagoro Adventist Girls,

P.O Box, 3, Nyandiwa

  1. Maths/ Biology & Bio/ Agric @ Cheptil Secondary School (Eldoret)

Contact: P.O Box 2151-30100,

Eldoret- Kenya

  1. Physics/ Chem, Chem/ Bio & Agric/.. @ Pope Paul VI Junior Seminary (Machakos)

Contact: 0725 205 196.

  1. Biology/ Agric @ Nyatieko Secondary in Kisii County… TSC Vacancy..

Contact: 0720 346 053

  1. Maths/ Physics @ Kiang’inda Secondary School in Nyamira County.

Contact: 0722 77 57 83

  1. Maths/ business @ St. peters girls (KItale)

Contact: 0703 37 10 11

  1. English/ Lit @ Mabunge Mixed Secondary in Busia County.

Contact: 0724408622

  1. Kiswahili/ CRE @ Kathathene Sec.

Contact: 0723 520 130

  1. Biology/ Chemistry @ Usenge Boys High.

Contact: 0720996193

  1. Agric/ Bio @ Gisage secondary (In Nyamira County).

Contact: 0728 061 722

  1. Maths/ Phyc @ Kamondo Secondary.

Contact: 0797 915414

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KNEC Contracted Professionals expected to update their Data.

KNEC logo
KNEC logo

How to update KNEC details for Contracted Professionals.

KNEC Contracted professionals are expected to regularly update their details on the KNEC Field Administration Portal. Before logging into the portal, ensure you are armed with: your Id Number, TSC Number, School name, County (Where you work), Sub-County, Designation(Read from your payslip), KRA pin & E-mail address.

Follow the simplified procedure below, to update your details:

  1. Log into the KNEC Field administration portal by entering https://cp.knec.ac.ke into your browser(Google, Yahoo or Opera search).
  2. Click on ‘Edit Your Details’ hyperlink which will take you to the ‘KNEC Contracted Professionals System’ page.
  3. Log into the system by entering your User name(ID Number) and password (TSC Number).
  4. Update your details by correctly entering the following data: School name, County (Where you work), Sub-County, Designation(Read from your payslip), KRA pin & E-mail address.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Save Record’. A confirmation message will be displayed, thus, “YOUR DETAILS WERE SUCCESSFULLY SAVED”.
  6. Now, click on ‘Close and Log out’.

After successful completion of this step, the KNEC will send you an SMS with new user name and password.

How to complete your application.

  1. Type http://cp2.knec.ac.ke/ into your browser.
  2. Enter your User name and password as sent by KNEC and log in.
  3. Update the following information and click on save, there after.
  4. Personal information: Full name, Year of Birth, Gender, National Id No., and email.
  5. Highest Qualification: Level of Study, Name of Education Institution, Name/ title of course and period of Study.
  6. Employment information: employer, TSC/ PF No., Workplace station, county, sub county and work place start year.
  7. Next of Kin Details: Full name, telephone number and Relationship.

Click on save



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How to update Teachers’ phone numbers and other TMIS data on the TSC-Online System.

A teacher integrating ICT in the classroom.

Schools are expected to update TMIS data from time to time. TMIS is an acronym for Teachers’ Management Information System. With the continuous recruitment and re-deployment of teachers, it is necessary to update such teachers’ details.

Before logging into the system, ensure you have this data: User Name, Password and other school details like: basic school details, Ordinary enrollment, Teachers’ details, Teachers on Study leave, Subject Enrollment(CBE), Non full Teaching load (due to illness) and KCPE/ KCSE Performance

To update data on TMIS, use the guideline below:

  1. Type teachersonline.go.ke into your browser.
  2. Log into the officials’ page by entering the ‘User Name’ and ‘password’; as given to the principal by the TSC’s ICT Department.
  3. Once logged in, update:


To update the teachers’ mobile phone numbers use the following steps:

  1. On the TMIS home, click on ‘TEACHERS’ tab indicated as 4. Teachers. This opens a list of all teachers in the institution.
  2. Move to the rear right of the window, and click on edit icon under the ‘ACTION’ column.
  3. The teacher’s details will be opened in edit mode.
  4. Enter the verified teacher’s mobile number correctly and save the changes by clicking on the ‘SAVE’ icon; under the ‘ACTION’ column.
  5. Repeat this for all teachers at the institution.


  • update Deployment data: that involves putting a request for a swap by the principal. This is done by clicking on the ‘Add swap record tab’ and then inputting the required data.
  • Entry/ Exit Report: this encompasses updating details of re-deployed, dismissed or interdicted teachers.
  1. Click on Entry/ Exit Report and select Submit Entry/ Exit Report.
  2. In the next window, input reason as either Entry or Exit/ Stoppage, type of reason as: posting, Transfer in or Recruitment.
  3. Enter the TSC Number of the teacher and click on search. The system will automatically display: Surname of teacher, First name, Other names.
  4. Enter the Date of Entry and any other details and click on submit.
  • TMIS Returns. This involves submission of : basic school details, Ordinary enrollment, Teachers’ details, Teachers on Study leave, Subject Enrollment(CBE), Non full Teaching load (due to illness) and KCPE/ KCSE Performance.

This is done by clicking on TMIS RETURNS, followed by ‘Submit Teachers Returns’. Update the following details, on the new window:

  1. Basic School Details: County, Sub-County, Division, Location, Sub-location, Constituemcy, Ward, postal address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Mobile Number, Email Address, Website, Sponsor(Church), Status(public ordinary, Public Ordinary/ Integrated or Public Speciial), Category(National, County, Sub-County,or Extra County), Boys’ Attendance(Day, Boarding or Day/ Boarding), Girls Attendance(Day, Boarding or Day/ Boarding), Number of BOM Male Teachers, Number of Female Teachers and Number of Physical Classes(Rooms available for students’ learning). Then click on SAVE.
  2. Ordinary Enrollment: update the exact number of students/ pupils in each age category, Number of instruction classes for each form/ class and click on the save icon.
  3. Teachers: To add a teacher to TMIS:
  4. Enter the teacher’s TSC number and click on the search icon. The teacher’s ID Number and Names will be displayed automatically. Next, enter the teacher’s: mobile phone number, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Terms of Service(Either Permanent or Temporary), Date of first Appointment(Date when employed), Grade(automatically entered by the system), Date of Appointment to current Grade, Qualification(Doctorate, Masters..), Date Reported to current station, Responsibility(Principal, Deputy principal, HOD, Teacher) Date of Appointment to Responsibility(For Principals, D/Principals & HODs), Teaching subjects, Department, Teaching load(the classes taught and number of lessons per week) and Role. Finally, click on the save icon.
  5. Teachers Special Needs: select teacher and then save the special need(Physical, speech, visual…)
  6. Teachers on Study: involves capturing data of teachers pursuing studies. It is done by:
  7. Selecting a teacher from the list.
  8. Enter the course pursued(KCSE, Driving License or Certificate)
  • Type-in the Start and end date.
  1. Select the study area.
  2. Select the Training mode and click on the save icon; under the action column.
  3. Subject enrollment(CBE): enter the correct number of students/ pupils per class, per gender, for all the subjects offered. Remember to always click on the save icon at the far right side of your window.
  4. Non Full teaching load(Due to illness) . it involves declaration of teachers with less workload than the recommended TSC’s number of lessons per week: this is done by selecting a teacher from the list, choosing the reason for not full load and then click on the save icon.
  5. KCPE/KCSE performance: it involves entering of the respective teacher’s mean for all candidate classes subjects taught; since 2015 to date.
  • Utilities: here, you can change your password(if you feel that the current one has been compromised) of you log out(to secure the data uploaded.

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How TSC has messed up the Teaching Profession and Teachers.

The teachers and by extension the teaching profession in Kenya are in shambles. In fact teaching is becoming un-attractive as days progress. Many teachers are seeking greener pastures elsewhere; from seeking transfers of service to more lucrative positions in NGOs & County governments to flying out of the Country for ‘further studies’. Those still hanging in there are only but victims of circumstances; some have loans with SACCOs and banks, while, others simply can’t afford calling it quits. The restructuring at the TSC and drafting of ‘harsh’ policies have only but worsened things. Indeed, the teachers are a de-motivated lot. They have coined such phrases as: ‘Bora Uhai’, ‘Teach and Go Home’, ‘Shule si Yako’,… among others phrases; if only to find solace from the pain and frustrations they undergo. A number of policies and changes haven’t gone down well with most tutors. Sample these:

Frozen Promotions

Many teachers went back to class; for further studies, with the hope of getting higher perks. This has not been the case, though. In early 2014, TSC froze all promotions pegged on attainment of higher qualifications. A policy that was thought to be short lived became part of the CBA, negotiated in 2017. In the CBA, TSC single handedly developed a career progression policy and guidelines that the commission applies exclusively, at will. In the document, for one to be appointed to head a primary school, it is mandatory to have a Bachelors’ degree and a master’s degree for secondary schools. The TSC seems to be neither here nor there in implementing its policies. It is contradictive for the Commission to require heads to have higher academic qualifications when they have banned school based programmes for such teachers.

Shambolic Medical Scheme.

The decision to outsource for a teachers’ medical scheme in the name of AON is both retrogressive and oppressive. Teachers forfeited their medical allowances to fund the AON scandal which has turned out to be a cash cow for the few selected, powerful, individuals in this great nation. The Bliss clinics opened to offer medical services under the AON scheme flopped completely! They face a myriad of inadequacies: call it lack of specialized personnel, poor facilities, substandard medicines…I mean, they are just a sham. Safe for the few teachers who have benefited from this scheme, many teachers have suffered irredeemable losses and pain at the hands of AON. On the flip side, some have lost lives due to the sluggish nature of AON in responding to emergencies and approving treatments. This is crime against teachers, and it must be stopped at all costs!

Down grading teacher’s job groups and offering sarcastic pay rises.

When the new CBA came into force,  last year, many newsrooms shouted themselves hoarse with headlines like…’Teachers smile all the way to the bank’….This was just a Public Relations exercise by the TSC. Fact is, many teachers got an increment of a paltry Kshs. 1,000 to 2,000, and it is good to state here, before tax. This is ridiculing the teachers. What most teachers may not be aware of is the hard fact that their grades were downgraded; in the pretext of introducing a new grading system. For the record, no new grading system was introduced. The teachers were duped! Their job grades were drastically downgraded (compared to those of civil servants and TSC Secretariat) after the SRC’s biased job evaluation exercise.

A teacher formerly in job group L was downgraded to job group H after the job evaluation exercise! This is an equivalent to an office secretary at the public service’s grading scheme. Those formerly in job group K were downgraded to job group G. This information is available at the TSC’s online service portal.

Introduction of TPAD

The decision by the TSC to introduce a new evaluation system (TPAD) has turned teachers into secretaries and cyber café ‘cockroaches’. The teachers are expected to file a large number of hard copy documents, compute the data and feed it into an otherwise inefficient online portal. It is a real burden to balance between preparing for lessons and filling data on archaic manual sheets. The evaluation itself is too subjective to be depended on for meaningful action.

In short, teachers have been reduced mere observers in the whole circus. Circulars are released now and then; and most of them spell doom to the teachers. An employer who is always on a fault finding and victimization mission does not mean well to its employees. It is sad that the employer wants to raid the meager earnings of teachers by forcing them to pay heftily for in-service trainings! An employer who is yearning to punish minor oversights like forgetting to remark on TPAD does not have the interest of the employees at heart.

Unions have come out to strongly oppose the high handedness by the TSC. In a statement, KNUT secretary general has castigated the move by TSC to dictate on composition of the forth coming negotiation team.

A change of heart by TSC is desired. And may it come fast, enough, before it is too late!