Mr Elyas Abdi Jillaow, the Education Ministry's Director General.
Mr Elyas Abdi Jillaow, the Education Ministry's Director General.

The Ministry of Education has elaborated on how the 2019 form ones placement changes shall be effected. Via a circular by the Ministry’s Director General, Mr Elyas Abdi, dated 13th December 2018, the Ministry says that all decisions on change of placement starts and ends at the school level. The circular comes even as some parents are still moving from school to school to at-least secure placement/ transfer for their kids; since they are not comfortable with the schools where their kids were selected to join.

The Ministry has directed the County Directors of Education, CDE, to handle all complaints arising from the selection process that was completed few weeks ago. “Following the launch of the exercise (form one selection), it has become necessary to emphasize the procedures to guide the process further,” says Abdi. The Director General has at the same time asked all the Ministry’s field officers to familiarize themselves with the circulated guidelines issued during the launch (of form one selection at different levels),” adds Mr Abdi.

Speaking during this year’s Jamhuri Day celebrations, the President (H.E Uhuru Kenyatta) directed the Education Ministry’s officers, Chiefs and their assistants to ensure all the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, candidates transit to secondary schools next year. All form ones are expected to report to schools between 5th and 11th January, 2019. See more details here: Ensure all form ones report to schools next year- President Uhuru orders.


According to the Education Ministry, to change placement for a child selected to join any of the three categories of schools, above:

  • The parent or guardian will place a request at the school of interest; where he/ she wants the kid to be transferred to.  The school will then shortlist and merit all students in the waiting (request) list and make a decision on those they will like to absorb; depending on the available (unfilled) vacancies.
  • The school through the National Education Management System, NEMIS –, shall enter the details of the selected candidates from their waiting list and request the Ministry to capture them in the new school.
  • Approval to the schools’ requests shall be granted at different levels depending on the Category of the school. Approval for National, Extra County and County schools will be granted by the Ministry’s Head Office, Regional Coordinators and County Directors of Education, respectively.
  • Once the approval has been granted, the learner will then be moved from the selection list of the first school to the latest (new) school.
  • The parent/ guardian will then go online and print the admission letter for the new school.

“It should be noted that this (the process above) applies to all schools except Sub- County and private, ones. Once approval for the change of placement has been granted, it is not reversible and can only be done once,” Mr. Abdi warns. The admission letters for National, Extra- county and County schools are available at the Ministry of Education’s portal;


The selection of the 2019 form ones for Sub- County schools was done manually at the Sub- Counties. To complete the selection process, the ministry has directed the private and Sub- County schools to:

  • Log into the NEMIS portal (at download an excel template which they will use to capture their students; as selected.
  • The Schools will then upload the data into the NEMIS portal; using the link provided on the forms.

“All field officers are expected to register in NEMIS for the purpose of accessing reports and making approvals concerning their areas,” the Ministry orders. To get the government capitation, all the learners in public schools will have to be entered into the NEMIS system.


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