2019 Form one admission letter- The contents of the letter

2019 form one admission letter
2021 admission letters for learners in National, Extra County, County and Sub County schools: Education News

Most parents/ Guardians have downloaded admission letters for their kids selected to join National, Extra County and County schools from the Education Ministry’s online portal.

But, what are some of the key highlights on the admission letters?
  • All the admission letters bear the Ministry of Education’s letter head as shown in the image below,
  • Name of the student, Index number and Sub County,
  • School admitted to (The Secondary school where the student has been placed),
  • Reporting date; 7th to 11th January, 2019 (Though the letter erroneously indicates the year as 2018).
  • Former primary school’s details; the letter must be stamped by the head teacher, A disclaimer on the letter reads; “This letter will be authenticated on being duly certified by the primary school head complete with a certified copy of birth certificate and finally confirmed by the admitting principal. The letter is issued without any erasure ¬†or alteration and cannot be changed through any form of endorsement whatsoever; utterance of false documents is an offence punishable by law.”
  • The 2019 fee guidelines from the Ministry (The letter gives fees directions thus; “The maximum fees payable per year is detailed in the attached schedule, do confirm the category of your school before making any payment.”)
  • Parents/ Guardians expected to go to schools where their kids have been placed to pick further joining instructions and requirements. (“Urgently get in touch with your new principal at the above school for admission requirements,” says the admission letter from the Ministry.)
2019 form one admission letter
2019 form one admission letter